The Association for Moral Education (AME) provides an international forum for the interdisciplinary study of the moral and ethical dimensions of human development and education. The Association is dedicated to fostering communication and cooperation among scholars and practitioners considering all aspects of moral learning, development and action across the life-span in multiple roles and contexts, including the school, family, workplace, congregation, and the larger society.

The Association emphasizes self-reflective educational practices that value the worth and dignity of people as moral agents and that require opportunities for ethical engagement and moral dialogue.

Scholars and practitioners from more than 35 countries around the globe meet at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

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For the latest issue of the AME Forum, the Association's official publication, click here.

Annual conferences of the AME present its members with special opportunities to discuss their work in the areas of moral development and moral education with colleagues from around the world. They are sponsored by major universities and held throughout North America and internationally.

Our 43nd Annual Conference will be in St Louis, MO, November 2-4, 2017. Information about the conference and the call for papers is available on the conference website.

Currently on the Op Ed page:

Sharlene Swartz, After the Mandela Moment: What now South Africa?

Some responses to Tariq Modood's Kohlberg Memorial Lecture at the 2013 AME conference, Montreal, from different regions around the world.

Bill Puka, Ethics at Lunch

Lawrence Blum, Affirmative Action Dodges a Bullet: But Should We be Cheering?

Elizabeth Vozzola, Revisiting Competing Conceptions of the Justice of Affirmative Action
(On January 11, Professor Vozzola also commented on this issue on New England Public Radio, WFCR. If you would like to hear the commentary, click here .)

D. Scott Herrmann, Failing Students for No-Name Assignments? Fair Grading Practice in Elementary Education

David Light Shields, Let's Contest the Meaning of Competition

Don Collins Reed, Neuroscience, Moral Psychology, and the Homunculus Fallacy

Stephanie Troutman, 'Help'ing to Forget Feminism: How Racism and Sexism are Personal and Not Political in the Film 'The Help'

Marvin Berkowitz, Navigating the Semantic Minefield of Promoting Moral Development

Lawrence Blum, Racial Integration is a Civic Imperative





Read the latest issue of the AME Forum, the Association's official publication.


1) Travelling workshops for Global Change (Wolfgang Althof)
2) Priming Good Work Initiatives (Roger Bergman)
3) Teachers Teaching the Good Stephen Sherblom)
4) Global Research Collaboration Projects (Kaye Cook)
5) Trans-National Mentoring Project
(Sharlene Swartz)



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