Travel Grants are available to assist student presenters who have limited financial resources to attend and present their work, and for college, university, and research institute faculty members from lower income economy countries to travel outside their borders to attend and present their work at the forthcoming conference of the Association for Moral Education. The maximum award amount will be $1,000. Recipients will be expected to submit receipts for travel and lodging expenses in order to receive reimbursement after the conference. Grant awards will be distributed on the basis of need. The proposal submission form will include an option to apply for a travel grant and submit a preliminary budget of travel, lodging, and other expenses. These awards will be administered, and applicants selected, by a committee consisting of Helen Haste (Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2016 conference co-chair), Robert Selman (Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2016 Conference co-chair), Wolfgang Althof (University of Missouri St. Louis, AME President), and Phyllis Curtis-Tweed (Berkeley Institute, Pembroke, Bermuda).



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