Association for Moral Education


Nov. 2-4, 2017, St. Louis, MO, USA




Evolving Ethics, Moral Education, and the Struggle for Democracy

The 2017 meeting will focus on ethics, evolution, and democracy. The ethics of how we live together and who we are as a people is being played out across the globe in struggles for democracy, for voice, for autonomy, and for human dignity. Our call to ethics, then, must be a call to political action as well as self-cultivation. As someone once said, wisdom is as wisdom does.

Submissions are welcome from scholars, students and practitioners across the many disciplines that contribute to the study and practice of moral education, including psychology, education, sociology, philosophy, interdisciplinary, cultural studies, among others. Plenary sessions and invited symposia will explicitly address the conference theme. We encourage individuals to submit proposals that address the conference theme; however we welcome any proposals that address the study and practice of moral and civic engagement or education more generally.

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Deadline for full consideration is May 1, 2017,
after which proposals will be considered on an as-needed basis until presentation slots are filled. No proposals will be considered after May 12, 2017.

The following types of proposals will be considered:

• Paper Presentation: These are individually submitted proposals that will be grouped thematically by the Program Committee for 90-minute sessions.

• Paper Symposium: Symposia are also 90 minute sessions. Symposium proposals will normally include three [up to four] papers organized thematically and a symposium chair, typically the organizer.

• Poster Presentations

• Media Presentation: A media presentation allows you to go outside the normal paper or poster format.

• Pre-Conference Workshop. Workshops offer an interactive environment to explore issues in greater depth outside the main conference period. The workshops will be held in the half day before the conference. They typically last 2-3 hours.

The mission of the Association for Moral Education (AME) is:

• To provide a forum for professionals who represent a wide variety of positions in moral education.

• To foster communication, cooperation, training, and research in moral education.

• To serve as a resource in matters related to moral education.

+ Scholarships

Scholarships for Participation in AME 2017 Conference St. Louis, MO

Travel Grants are available to assist student presenters who have limited financial resources to attend and present their work, and for college, university, and research institute faculty members from lower income economy countries to travel outside their borders to attend and present their work at the forthcoming conference of the Association for Moral Education. The maximum award amount will be $1,000. Recipients will be expected to submit receipts for travel and lodging expenses in order to receive reimbursement after the conference. Grant awards will be distributed on the basis of need. The proposal submission form will include an option to apply for a travel grant and submit a preliminary budget of travel, lodging, and other expenses.

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