Wolfgang Althof
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Phyllis Curtis-Tweed
Oakland Community College, MI

Kaye Cook
Gordon College, MA

Eric Marx
Australian Catholic University, Australia

Nancy Nordmann (AME to JME)
National Louis University, Chicago, IL

Brian Gates (JME to AME)
University College of St. Martin, UK

Peter Samuelson
Thrive Center, Pasadena, CA


Ulisses Araujo, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Angela Bermudez, Deusto University, Bilbao, Spain
Tobias Krettenauer, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Sharlene Swartz, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

Yen-Hsin Chen, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan
Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans, Harvard University, MA
Don Reed, Wittenberg University, OH
Jenny Vaydich, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Doret de Ruyter, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands
Victoria Foster, College of William & Mary, VA
Nobumichi Iwasa, Reitaku University, Japan
Jason Stephens, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Presidential Appointees
2013-2014: Dawn Schrader, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2013-2014: Tonia Bock, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN


Membership Committee
Kaye Cook, Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee
Jason Stephens, Chair

Publicity and Publications Committee
Eric Marx, Chair (AME Forum Editor)
Elly Vozzola (Past Newsletter Editor)
Kaye Cook (Secretary)
Brian Cohen (English Web Manager)
Chi-Ming (Angela) Lee (Chinese Web Manager)
Maria Cristina Romero (Spanish Web Manager)
Tatyana Tyrslina (Russian Web Manager)
Don Reed

Op Ed Committee
Eric Marx, Chair
Lawrence Blum
Kaye Cook
Maria Cristina Moreno Gutierrez
Sharon Lamb
Elly Vozzola


President's Executive Committee
Phyllis Curtis-Tweed (Treasurer)
Kaye Cook (Secretary)
Eric Marx (Communications Coordinator)

President's Advisory Committee
Executive Committee
Steve Thoma
Elly Vozzola

Fundraising Committee
Ann Higgins-D’Allessandro, Chair
Marvin Berkowitz
Nancy Nordmann
Doret de Ruyter
Andrew Garrod
Bob Kenny
Sharon Lamb
Fritz Oser
Sharlene Swartz

Nominating Committee for President-Elect (three past presidents)
Sharon Lamb, Past President, 2010-2013
Jim Conroy, Past President, 2007-2010
John R. Snarey, Past President, 2004-2007

Conference Site Selection Committee
Wolfgang Althof
Andrew Garrod


Travel Grants
Wolfgang Althof
Phyllis Curtis-Tweed
Peter Samuelson

JME/AME Reduced Membership Rate Grants
Wolfgang Althof
Kaye Cook
Peter Samuelson


Kuhmerker Dissertation Award Committee
Jan Boom, Chair, Netherlands
John Gibbs, US, Psychology and Philosophy
Nobumichi Iwasa, Japan, Psychology
Terry Lovat, Australia, Philosophy
Maosen Li, China, Philosophy
Maria Sucupera da Costa Lins, Brazil, Psychology

Kuhmerker Career Award Committee
Fritz Oser, Chair
Clark Power
Steve Thoma
Larry Walker

Good Work Committee
Doret de Ruyter, Chair
Roger Bergman
Andrew Garrod
Scott Seider


Past Presidents
Sharon Lamb (2010-2013)
Jim Conroy (2008-2010)
John Snarey (2004-2007)
Steve Thoma (2001-2004)
Monica Taylor (1998-2001)
Lawrence Walker (1995-1998)
Dieter Misgeld (1994-1995)
Patricia King (1992-1994)
Dwight Boyd (1989-1992)
Clark Power (1986-1989)
Ann Higgins (1985-1986)
Tom Lickona (1984-1985)
Muriel Bebeau (1983-1984)
Richard Hayes (1980-1983)
Elsa Wasserman (1979-1980)
Lisa Kuhmerker (1976-1979)

Past Treasurers
Garrett Albert Duncan (2004-2009)
John Snarey (2001-2004)
Steve Thoma (1995-1996, 1997-2001)
Dawn E. Schrader (1992-1995)
James Rest (1990-1992)
Patricia King (1987-1990)
Mary Brabeck (1985-1987)

Past Secretaries
Nancy Nordmann (2004-2009)
Jim DuBois (2001-2004)
Darcia Narváez (1996-2000)
Steve Thoma (1991-1995, 1995-1996)
Patricia King (1987-1990, 1990-1991)
Mary Brabeck (1985-1987)

Past Communication Coordinators
Tonia Bock (2007-2010)
Elizabeth Vozzola (2006-2007)

Past Conference Chairs
2013: Bruce Maxwell
2012: Rebecca Glover
2011: Monica Taylor
2010: Wolfgang Althof and Bryan Sokol
2009: Daniel Brugman
2008: Clark Power
2007: Mary Braebeck
2006: Fritz Oser
2005: Sharon Lamb, Mary Casey, and Kaye Cook
2004: Tom Wilson
2003: Adam Niemczynski
2002: Larry Nucci
2001: Kim Schonert-Reichl and Gillian Wark
2000: James Conroy
1999: Darcia Naravaez
1998: Andrew Garrod
1997: John Snarey
1996: Bill Belanger
1995: Ann Higgins
1994: Micahel Boyes
1993: Mary Brabeck, Richard Hayes, Pat King, and Steve Thoma
1992: Dwight Boyd
1991: Richard Hayes
1990: Clark Power
1989: Cheryl Armon and Tom Wilson
1988: Ray Hummell
1987: Mary Brabeck and Ann Higgins
1986: Larry Nucci
1985: Dwight Boyd
1984: John Gibbs
1983: Ralph Mosher
1982: Jim Rest, Muriel Bebeau, and Lois Erickson
1981: Lisa Kuhmerker
1980: Elsa Wasserman and Lisa Kuhmerker
1979: Lisa Kuhmerker
1978: Gerald Bailey
1977: Lisa Kuhmerker
1976: Lisa Kuhmerker

Past AME Board Members
When the Association for Moral Education was founded in 1976, governance took the form of an AME Executive Committee, consisting of officers and president-appointed ad hoc committee chairs.  This governance body expanded after 1982 to include an AME Advisory Board made up of about 12 additional members who were appointed by the President. Subsequently, in 1988, this system matured into an elected AME Executive Board, which included four new board members elected every year for three-year terms.  (In the listings below, years with five rather than four new Executive Board members are the result of either a resignation and replacement, a tie vote, or a position shared by two people.)

AME Executive Board (elected)
2013-2016: Ulisses Araujo, Angela Bermudez, Tobias Krettenauer, Sharlene Swartz
2012-2015: Yen-Hsin Chen, Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans, Don Reed, Jenny Vaydich
2011-2014: Doret de Ruyter, Victoria Foster, Nobumichi Iwasa, Jason Stephens
2010-2013: Andrew Garrod, Jeremy Frimer, Tobias Krettenauer, Sharlene Swartz
2009-2012: Daniel Brugman, Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro, Bryan Sokol
2008-2010: Barbara Applebaum
2007-2010: Kaye Cook, Andrew Garrod, Clary Milnitsky-Sapiro, Bob Selman
2006-2009: Wolfgang Althof, Charles & Ronnie Blakeney, Rebecca Glover, Julio Rique
2005-2008: Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, Dan Lapsley, Dawn Schrader, Stephen Sherblom
2004-2007: Roger Bergman, Garrett Albert Duncan, Chi-Ming (Angela) Lee, Tatyana Tayrlina
2003-2006:  Sharon Lamb, Maria Christina Moreno, Bill Puka, Gillian Wark
2002-2005:  Susana Frisancho, Rosalie Romano, Elizabeth Vozzola, Tom Wilson
2001-2004:  Doret DeRuyter, Adam Niemczynski, Clark Power, Dawn Schrader
2000-2003:  Barbara Applebaum, James Conroy, Andrew Garrod, Nancy Nordmann
1999-2002:  Andrea Green, Helen Haste, Georg Lind, Janie Ward, Gillian Wark
1998-2001:  Larry Blum, Sharon Lamb, Larry Nucci, John Snarey
1997-2000:  Jim Conroy, Lene Arnett Jensen, Ben Spieker, Terri Thorkildsen
1996-1999:  Ann Higgins, Monika Keller, Fritz Oser, Kim Schonert-Reichl
1995-1998:  Marvin Berkowitz, Lisa Kuhmerker, Don Reed, Monica Taylor
1994-1997:  Don Cochrane, Darcia Narvaez, Dieter Misgeld, John Snarey
1993-1996:  Ann Higgins, Nobumichi Iwasa, Adam Niemczynski, Kim Schonert-reichl
1992-1995:  Marvin Berkowitz, Lisa Kuhmerker, Mark Tappan, Monica Taylor
1991-1994:  Marilyn Johnston, Howard Radest, Dawn Schrader, John Snarey
1990-1993:  Cheryl Armon, Mary Brabeck, Steve Thoma, Lawrence Walker
1989-1992:  Marvin Berkowitz, Deborah Deemer, Lisa Kuhmerker, Monica Taylor
1988-1991:  Ray Hummel, Patricia King, Gill Noam, Howard Radest, John Snarey
1988-1990:  Mary Brabeck, Richard Hayes, Larry Nucci, Steve Thoma
1988-1989:  Cheryl Armon, Judy Codding, Ann Higgins, Clark Power, Elsa Wasserman

AME Formally Incorporated

1988: Clark Power, Dwight Boyd, Ann Higgins, Patricia M. King, Ray Hummel (board of directors); James R. Rest and Muriel J. Bebeau (incorporators)

AME Advisory Board (appointed)

1987: Cheryl Armon, Muriel Bebeau, Judith Codding, Richard Hayes, Ray Hummel, Lois K. Kellerman, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lisa Kuhmerker, Thomas Lickona, Marcia Mentkowski, Lawrence Nucci, Howard Radest, James Rest, John Snarey, Elsa Wasserman, Tom Wren

1986: Cheryl Armon, Muriel Bebeau, Dwight Boyd, Judith Codding, John Gibbs, Richard Hayes, Lois Kellerman, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lisa Kuhmerker, Marcia Mentkowski, Howard Radest, James Rest, John Snarey, Elsa Wasserman, Tom Wren

1985:  Don Cochrane, Judith Codding, Lois Erickson, Edwin Fenton, John Gibbs, Richard Hayes, Lois Kellerman, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lisa Kuhmerker, Alan Lockwood, Marcia Mentkowski, Ralph Mosher, James Rest, Elsa Wasserman

1984:  Don Cochrane, Judith Codding, Lois Erickson, Edwin Fenton, John Gibbs, Lois Kellerman, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lisa Kuhmerker, Alan Lockwood, Marcia Mentkowski, Ralph Mosher, James Rest, Elsa Wasserman

1983:  Don Cochrane, Judith Codding, Lois Erickson, Edwin Fenton, John Gibbs, Carol Gilligan, Lawrence Kohlberg, Lisa Kuhmerker, Alan Lockwood, Marcia Mentkowski, Ralph Mosher, James Rest, Elsa Wasserman




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