Conference Locations, Chairs, and Themes

2018 Barcelona, Spain—Maria Rosa Buxarrais and Elena Noguera “Moral Education Toward a Caring Society: Civic Engagement and Moral Action’

2017 St. Louis, MO—Franz de Waal "Evolving Ethics, Moral Education,
and the Struggle for Democracy" 

2016 Cambridge, Massachusetts—Helen Haste “Civic Engagement: A cultural revolution?”

2015 Santos, Brazil—Ulisses Araujo “Inequity, Social Justice, and Moral Education”

2014 Pasadena, California―Peter Samuelson “Thriving Individuals/Thriving Communities: Moral Education and Human Flourishing”

2013 Montreal, Canada―Bruce Maxwell “Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Education: Pursuing the Common Good through Dialogue and Recognition”

2012 San Antonio, Texas—Rebecca Glover “Civility & Incivility: Respectful Disagreements in a Divided World"

2011 Nanjing, China—Monica Taylor “Cultivating Morality: Human Beings, Nature, and the World”

2010 St. Louis, MO—Wolfgang Althof, Bryan Sokol “Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality”

2009 Utrecht, The Netherlands—Daniel Brugman “Cultivating Tolerance: Moral Functioning and its Development”

2008 South Bend, IN—Clark Power “Faith, Democracy, Values: The Challenge of Moral Formation in Families, Schools, and Societies”

2007 New York, NY—Mary Braebeck “Civic Education, Moral Education, and Democracy in a Global Society”

2006 Fribourg, Switzerland—Fritz Oser “Getting Involved: Global Citizenship Development and Sources of Moral Values”

2005 Cambridge, MA—Sharon Lamb, Kaye Cook, Mary Casey “Challenging What’s ‘Right’: How Children and Adolescents Come to Critique Culture from an Ethical Standpoint”

2004 Dana Point, CA— “Moral Education: The Intersection of Ethics, Aesthetics, and Social Justice”

2003 Krakow, Poland— Adam Niemczynski "Moral Education within a World of Social, Political, and Religious Controversies"

2002 Chicago, Illinois - Larry Nucci “Conflict, Contradiction, and Contrarian Elements in Moral Development and Education"

2001 Vancouver, British Columbia - Kim Schonert-Reichl and Gillian Wark “Moving Toward Moral Excellence”

2000 Glasgow, Scotland – Jim Conroy “The Making of Moral Citizens?”

1999 Minneapolis, Minnesota - Darcia Narváez “The Moral Imperative: ethics in the 21st century”

1998 Hanover, NH - Andrew Garrod "Informal Influences on Moral Development: Family, Faith, Media and Community"

1997 Atlanta - John Snarey "The Voices of Care and Justice: Enhancing the Dialogue among Theorists, Researchers, and Practitioners"

1996 Ottawa - Bill Belanger "Developing Personal and Social Responsibility: Practitioner and Research in Common Cause"

1995 New York - Ann Higgins "International Dialogue: Discussing Morality for the 21st Century"

1994 Banff, AB - Michael Boyes "Fostering and Living in Moral Communities: Moral Character, Moral Codes, and Spirituality"

1993 Tallahassee, FL - Mary Brabeck, Richard Hayes, Patricia King, and Steve Thoma "From Judgment to Action: Visions for Moral Education"

1992 Toronto - Dwight Boyd "Power within Diversity: Confronting Moral Issues in a Multi-Racial/Multi-Cultural Community and World"

1991 Athens, GA - Richard Hayes "Democratic Approaches to Social Transformation: Models of Moral Education"

1990 Notre Dame, IN - Clark Power "Values, Rights, and Responsibilities in the International Community: Moral Education for the New Millennium"

1989 Newport Beach, CA - Tom Wilson and Cheryl Armon "Democratic Culture: Ethics, Education, and Community"

1988 Pittsburgh - Ray Hummel "Schools and Families in Moral Education: Partners or Adversaries?"

1987 Cambridge, MA - Mary Brabeck and Ann Higgins "Responding to Contemporary Values: The Challenge for Educators"

1986 Chicago - Larry Nucci "Moral Development and Character Education: A Dialogue"

1985 Toronto - Dwight Boyd "Controversial Issues in Moral Education"

1984 Columbus, OH - John Gibbs "The Institution as a Moral Agent"

1983 Boston - Ralph Mosher "Moral Education Revisited"

1982 Minneapolis - Muriel Bebeau, Lois Erickson, and James Rest "Ethical Development in Professional Education"

1981 New York - Lisa Kuhmerker "Moral Motivation and Social Commitment"

1980 Cambridge, MA - Lisa Kuhmerker and Elsa Wasserman "Ego and Moral Development in Adulthood: Implications for College and Professional Education"

1979 Philadelphia - Lisa Kuhmerker "Evaluating Moral Development and Programs with a Value Dimension"

Earlier Conferences 1976-1978